In February 2018, Bamako, the capital of Mali, will host the 19th edition of the Congress of African Association for water (AAW) following the one in Nairobi, held two years early, in which, Mali won the approval of member States.

Created in February 1980, the African Association for water (AAW) summons on Congress every year African professionals of sanitation, water sectors as well as partners and international experts to propose innovative solutions to the issues related to access to drinking water and sanitation organizations in Africa.

The organization of the congress of 2018 is a State challenge (in accordance with presidential program) SOMAPEP-SA and SOMAGEP-SA will confirm their willing to make Mali a model of management in sanitizing and water sectors in Africa. Likewise, to highlight their know-how and their competence regarding the distribution of drinking water. In total, to inspire a dynamic entirely modern in the Malian sanitation and drinking water sector.

The present launching ceremony predetermines this ambitious project and presents itself as a strategic communication tool in the process of organization of this great pan African event.

In this regard, our media partners will play a strategic role in the success of this event. That is the reason why we grant them a place of honor in the management of all the communication about the event.

The coming event will be on the following theme: “Accelerating access to sanitation and water for all in Africa facing climate change”.

Hoping that event will be very successful in all respects, we wish you a nice ceremony.