The Secretariat General and the Technical and Scientific Council assume the full responsibility for the Congress and the development of the Congress agenda as well as the exhibition with the host country which establishes a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and will be in charge of the implementation and the carrying out of decisions made by AfWA in the scope of the Congress organization.
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Message of the President of the African Water Association (AfWA) The theme of the 19th AfWA congress, which will take place from 11 to 16 February 2018 in Bamako, Mali, is "Accelerating access to sanitation and water for all in Africa in the face of the challenges of climate change" . A topical theme that reflects the will of our organization to accompany the international community in its fight against global warming and which is part of the achievement of the objectives of sustainable development. I invite all professionals, development partners, policy makers and all those interested in the issue of sanitation and water in Africa to join this important African Together we are joining our efforts to move the issue of providing people with clean drinking water and adequate sanitation services in Africa.
Ali Fassi FIRHI
Message of the President of the Congress The town of Bamako, capital of Mali, was selected for the organization of the next congress of the African Association of Water envisaged from February 11th to February 16th, 2018 on the prestigious site of the International Center of Conference of Bamako. More than 1500 people resulting from all the regions from the world are expected this major event which is held for the first time in Mali. The congress of Bamako, through its shutters scientist and technical, his international exhibition, will offer a new occasion to highlight the need for arriving to a better supply of the populations in services of cleansing and drinking water, in a context of climate change. The Company Drinkable Malian of Water management (SOMAGEP) and the Company Malian of the Heritage of Drinking water (SOMAPEP) will put all works about it to raise the bet of an exemplary organization and to defend the reputation of the country of Diatiguiya, the country of hospitality.
Boubacar KANE
Invitation of the President of the Scientific advice and Technique (CST) Africa is the continent with one of the highest rates of population growth, with a doubling of the urban population and urbanized areas every 10 to 15 years, greatly increasing water stress in these expanding areas. In addition, one-third of the population lacks access to safe drinking water and two-thirds lack adequate sanitation. These situations require water companies to be more efficient, and the entire water / sanitation community to mobilize. Mobilization should enable our continent to meet the sixth objective of sustainable development, which is to "guarantee access for all to safe water and sanitation by 2030". The Scientific and Technical Council, the mainstay of our organization (AAE), brings together all the managers, directors, engineers and technicians of the water companies who meet regularly to identify the major challenges of the sanitation sector And water in Africa with a view to proposing appropriate solutions. Since 2014, the various committees that compose it are working hard to identify all the contours of the different themes that will bring us from 11 to 16 February 2018 in Bamako. These committees also ensure that all the conditions are met to advance the debate on the issues of sustainable access to sanitation and water for all in Africa in the face of the challenges of climate change. It is in this perspective that we invite you all to make your proposals for communication, in accordance with our theme and the various sub-themes.
Olivier GOSSO
Programm The Congress schedule includes four different types of events which tackle critical problems related to water, sanitizing. These activities are as follow:
  • a Symposium,
  • Technical Sessions,
  • workshops and
  • Side Events,
they are different in the way they are organized and how their respective program is inserted in the program. (See Appendix 2 for the schematic structure of the Congress Schedule).
  • Symposium
    The Symposium is a half day event focused on the key theme of the congress. The Symposium is organized by the Technical and Scientific Council (TSC) of AAW, in collaboration with International Organizations specialized in the subjects matters. The TSC is consisted of a certain number of experts and Scientifics of Africa which determines discussing points during the Symposium. The Symposium is based on a bidding process of synopsis that is opened to the operators, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders of the sector throughout the world. The TSC in collaboration with specialized international organizations will organize the schedule of the event based on received synopses and the choice of key speakers. The symposium format typically follows the presentation template followed by discussions
  • Technical Sessions
    Technical Sessions are organized in the mornings and in the afternoon and are led by the TSC and AAW, then they discuss specific themes that the TSC had identified in the previous years of the congress and would launch a call for proposals on the basic of this thematic. Technical Sessions are based on a bidding process of synopsis that is opened to speakers, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders of the sector throughout the world. The TSC will organize the schedule of the event based on received synopses and based on the choice of key speakers. The Technical Session formats typically follow the presentation template follow by discussions.
  • Workshops
    The opportunity for organizing seminars is given to all Institutions working on sanitation and water sector. The Workshop is a half-day’s event ( in the morning or in the afternoon) to which the organizing Institution is responsible for the development of the schedule, its context, the format, its implementation, the identification of key speakers, the presenter, the facilitator and according to the number of propositions gathered, the TSC and AAW establish a selection to determine which workshop will be part of the official schedule, workshops can be organized in different ways, starting from a traditional template of presentation and discussion to more interactive and innovative formats such as panel discussions, open discussions. The organization willing to organize a workshop is to be charged.
  • Side Events
    Side Events are shorter workshop versions and are also organized and led by all institutions, which desire it. They will take part at breakfast and at late afternoon (covering maximum one hour), like seminars, the institutions themselves elaborate the schedule and the format. Some Side Events can be the opportunity to launch projects and publications, to organize panel discussions about specific subjects, to present some professional networks, associations and others.
The congress report
The Scientific Congress is responsible for the Congress report drafting. In that capacity it can hire a consultant team to perfect the report drafting base on a monitoring of the whole sessions by this consultant team. The Secretariat General of AAW will be in charge of the spreading.

In parallel with the Congress works, takes place an international exhibition of materials.

The Association can directly hire a company for the event, or the communication service provider for the presentation of the exhibition that takes place on the fringe of the Congress, and is an entire part of the Congress subject to a consequent discount repay to AAW. The service provider is in charge of the construction of the exhibition hall, procedures around sanitation and water companies. Local Organizing Committee (LOC) must do all its best to convince the government of his country for a certain number of facilities of customs, policy and tax plan for handling equipment for exhibitor’s exhibition (temporary entry exemption of Exhibition equipment).

The association can directly hire a service provider looking for sponsors of the event. The Sponsoring is of two types. Local Sponsoring and International Sponsoring. The organization in search of Sponsors can be entrust to 2 distinct providers, nevertheless the Sponsoring packages Terms of Reference for the event must be identical and validated by AAW for different providers. The Local Secretariat General must also try to bring sponsors in order to sponsor and fund different demonstrations of the Congress including receptions, printing of the programs, or reporting fees, including the one of the consultants in charge of reporting etc., the service provider (s) will be paid from the funds they will mobilize for the sponsoring.

Before the registration there is the invitation launching, which is done based on theregistration lists of the Congress N-1, to which we must be added to the list of partners of African Association for Water. The Secretariat General of AAW is in charge of launching all the invitations in collaboration with LOC, which must endeavor for the management of all category of registration ((1)-Early registrations, (2) - Registration after the deadline, (3) – registration at the event day). In the specific case for the management and the organization of the registration, the LOC can be assisted by the LCO of the Congress N-1 if necessary.

The Local Organizing Committee must endeavor to register a big number of national (from host Company and the other national partners of the sector) and communicate the confirmed or expected number of national delegates who will attend the Congress at least one month before the opening of the Congress.

Except the member of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), all the other national participants must pay their registration fees to participate to the CONGRESS including the registered ones of the Host Company.

In agreement with the association, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will be responsible to:

  • assure the link between travel agencies, the carriers
  • assure the transport between congressmen hotels and the CONGRESS spot, the welcome and the management of participant accommodation
  • To make a technical visit program and a sightseeing program pre and post congress at the expenses of delegates

In that capacity, the Local Organizing Committee will be able to hire a service provider to accomplish all or some parts of these tasks. The cost of the service provided must be validated by the Secretariat General of the AAW and itemized in the budget so that a contract can be signed by the President of AAW or his representative.