The Government is strongly involved!

The launching of the 19th congress of AAW will take place at Hotel « Radisson Blu », on Thursday January 26th, 2017, under the presidency of the Ministers of Energy and Water and the Minister of Sanitation, Environment and Sustainable Development. Anything that shows the involvement of the Highest Authority of Mali in favor of the promotion of sanitizing drinkable water.

Mali, through Malian Company for Drinkable Water management (SOMAGEP-SA) and Malian Heritage Company for Drinkable Water (SOMAPEP-SA) will organize the 19th Congress of AAW, in February 2018.

In preparation for that meeting, the two Companies, under the auspices of the Ministers of Energy and Water as well as of Sanitation and of Sustainable Development, in collaboration of AAW will organize that launching ceremony, a communication activity to officially announce the Congress and mobilize professionals in Water and Sanitation, Universities, policy makers, financial and technical partners sectors to fully play their partition in the success of the event.

The ceremony wants to mobilize more than 200 participants consisted essentially of national and foreign guests headed by AAW representatives and general decision makers of water companies, members of the Association.
we shall consider, in the sequence of the ceremony, the interventions of the Representative of the two societies (SOMAGEP- SA/SOMAPEP-SA), the Mayor of the District, the Executive Director of the AAW, the President of AAW and the Minister of Energy and Water.

Besides, the program expects a documentary film projection on the management of drinking water, the presentation of the logo and the launching of the Congress website.

The highlight of the show will be the press conference to enlighten in advance the lantern of media persons on the event and on the African Association for Water (AAW).