The LAICO HOTEL AMITIE BAMAKO , venue of the Congress, is an architectural gem set up on the cornice of the river Niger, enjoying a superb view of the river. This place of National and International meetings is easily accessible from any point of Bamako. It is located near the Pont des martyrs which overlooks square Patrice LUMBUMBA. The Hotel LAICO L'AMITIE is located on the banks of the River Niger, in the heart of the Malian capital Bamako, in the embassy district, a few minutes away from the business center, the House of Craftsmen, Administrations and Banks. Also, he faces the ORTM (Office of the Radios Televisions of Mali). The hotel is accessible by all means of transport ..

Infrastructure houses:
  • meetings, exchanges and events of a scientific, professional or cultural nature;
  • Conferences, Symposiums, Symposia;
  • cultural or recreational events;
  • all services and carry out all activities within the scope of its mission.


LAICO HÔTEL L'AMITIE BAMAKO has an estimated capacity of 2,000 places distributed as follows:

The non-modular 1,000-seat Congress Hall is the venue for major conferences, plenaries and opening and closing ceremonies

About ten (10) halls of variable capacity in the Centre cover sessions or simultaneous conferences

LAICO HÔTEL L'AMITIE BAMAKO also has many rooms that can be used as temporary offices and meeting rooms or secretariats of the Congress, in particular.

NB: Each room, when transformed into a meeting room, can take 20 seats.

LAICO HÔTEL L'AMITIE BAMAKO is an ideal setting for exhibitions.The total area is estimated at 5,000 m2 broken down as follows:

  • two (2) exhibition halls;
  • one (1) balcony that can be modulated as desired;
  • one (1) cultural area that can take the exhibition;
  • one (1) plaza with a fountain around which can be placed exhibition items.

NB :

  1. All the halls are equipped with simultaneous interpretation and sound system, as well as other modern facilities for presentations.
  2. All the halls are air-conditioned by a central air-conditioning unit.

From its establishment to date, LAICO HÔTEL L'AMITIE BAMAKO has hosted several high-level summits and conferences, in particular:

  • First Panafrican forum for Capacity Building in Africa;
  • 28th Session of the Islamic Conference of OIC Ministers of Foreign Affairs;
  • International Symposium on Informal Economy Cities on 16/3/2002 ;
  • African Sub-regional Conference on NEPAD under the joint chairmanship of His Excellency Alpha Omar KONARE, President of Mali, and His Excellency ABDOULAYE WADE, President of Senegal ;
  • Swearing-in Ceremony of President Amadou Toumani TOURE on 8/6/2002 ;
  • International Symposium on ancient manuscripts in Africa on 7/8/2002 ;
  • Congress on University Bible Group in Mali and Francophone Africa on 17/8/2002 ;
  • Conference on Food Security Network for West and Central African Population on 9/9/2002;
  • 8th Congress of the Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africaon 22/9/2002;
  • 2nd Session of the Afro-Arab Executive Council;
  • 17th Meeting of the Francophone African Insurance Companies Committee;
  • 15th Regional Assembly of the West African Episcopal Conference on 4/2/2003 ;
  • 11th Session of the African Committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers on 25/3/2003 ;
  • Conference on the role of ACP Countries Parliamentarians in the implementationof the Cotonou Agreements on 2/5/2003;
  • Sub-regional Conference of African First Ladies for AIDS Control (OPDAS) on 2/6/2003 ;
  • 6th Hospital Days of the African Indian Ocean and Caribbean Hospital Network (RESHAOC) on 3/6/2003 ;
  • Meeting of African, Caribbean and Pacific Artists (date to be specified);
  • Launching of the World Human Development Report on 10/7/2003 ;
  • 25th Session of CAMES Inter-African Consultative Committee on 20/7/2003 ;
  • Regional Conference of CEN-SAD Countries on 26/4/2004 ;
  • International Technical Workshop of 2010 VISION Forum on Reproductive Health;
  • Moroccan Economic and Commercial Week;
  • Senegal-Malian Clothing Week;
  • Tunisian Commercial Days;
  • Preparatory Workshop for World Conference on Women in Beijing+10 ;
  • ACP and European Union Parliamentary Meeting in Mali;
  • Africa-France Summit, 3-4 December 2005 ;
  • FAO Regional Summit, February 2006.

The LAICO HÔTEL L'AMITIE BAMAKO also has an infirmary and storage spaces. It can also provide the following: computers, video projectors, screens, table-sheet-screens, high-capacity photocopiers and stands, and air-conditioned minibuses.

In addition, the Centre offers the following services: morning coffee break, evening coffee break, VIP coffee break, lunch break, VIP lunch break, and mineral water.