#Sub ThemeTopics
1Climate Change, Energy and Water Resources ManagementIntegrated water resource management
Source protection and catchment management
Floods and drought modelling and forecasting
Community involvement in resilience and adaptation
Water conservation and Rain Water Harvesting
Energy optimisation
2Universal access to waterGovernance and institutional framework
Asset Management and NRW
Pro-poor service
Public-Private Partnerships and stakeholder engagement
Water safety planning and drinking water quality management
3Enhancing sanitation service deliveryEnabling policies and framework for sanitation
Non-sewer and faecal sludge management
Peri-urban sanitation service delivery
Social marketing for sanitation
Sustainable sanitation service delivery chain
Sanitation safety planning
4Innovative technology advancementsAppropriate technologies for sanitation services
Water and waste water treatment technologies
Communication and SMART ICT tools
5Human resources and capacity buildingWater and sanitation operators partnership
Gender mainstreaming
Institutional capacities and leading change
Human resource assessment and development
Networks and benchmarking platforms
6Financing and investment mechanismsInnovative market financing for water and sanitation
Public-Private investment financing
Pricing and tariff setting
Green economy in water and sanitation